Via Cerva 1

“Non si prova a fare – si sa, si fa.”

We are absorbed and concentrated in the confused contemporaneity but at the same time respectful of the vital propositional nature that constitutes us. The present past that preceded this astonished present was very difficult for everyone.

In addition to the comfort of solidarity, we have had that of spontaneous unconsciousness: the vision of a project extraneous to fear in whatever form it might present itself.

Today we can share its tangibility.
It is called “cellula 1”. A hard prototype, the result of elementary accurate observation. At first glance, it may seem like a low-cost trip into the ordinary vanity of the economy of irreverence. It is not.
We are responsibly enthusiastic about it!

We will not have a carefree opening party. We are not carefree and even less we manage to strive to be.

It will be nice to come and have a “thoughtful” chat with us:
on the circular economy, on the concept of “plant designed for its joyful reuse”,
on the meaning of “nano-business” in this groupage economy,
on the value of small generative ideas in the parallel geography of striking innovations and, of course, on our proposal for cellula 1 – not clonable par excellence but rather, mother energy of cellular weave with a conscious flywheel.

It is a sidewalk desire, an exchange that we feel is primary.
A meeting in front of the shop
with curious eyes and voices modulated by the awareness that – of We-Together, we have a courageous need and a great human thirst for common reflections.

Excited, we are waiting for you in installments, at number 1 in via Cerva, Milan.
From Tuesday to Saturday between 11 am and 6 pm.
At number 18, we get ready for parties 😊
Maschio, cellula 1.
Thank you.