The rules of the game

Many thanks for playing with us!

You will find more informations that will help you to understand the rules of the COUPLES GAME. It’s a game, let’s have fun!


Choose your favourite couple and send it to us at, writing the numbers of your chosen pictures (for example 13 / 24).
Keep an eye on our summer “news”: you will have other opportunities to play with us.
Thanks for involving your friends. The more we are, the more the jackpot gets richer (ex: many consolation prizes).
The winning couple will be chosen by our jury based on jokey criteria: do not take us seriously.
It could be the most unlikely couple or the funniest or the sweetest one.


What will you win? A pair of our wedding band rings – ‘Memento vitae’ – or the same value in Maschio’s jewels at your chioce (900 euro).

When will the winner be revealed? On the 15th of september.

Until when can you and your friends partecipate? Until the 13th of September.

Do you get married before and you want the wedding rings? Buy them in the traditional way and partecipate to the game anyway: if you win, you will get a coupon of the same value.

How will you receive the prize? You can collect it at our Milan shop or you will receive a coupon for the online shop.