Thanks for ghosting

People who fascinate us often disappear. Suddenly.
As ghosts, they become an absence of evidence without evidence of absence.
A torture for the simple souls who suffer for the consequences, stunned.

Saying yes to life, “I accept the passage in the¬†pain of the¬†hole that remains”, can become an experience of peace, first, and gratitude, then..

‚ÄúGhosting‚ÄĚ is a small sign of the elegance of being.
It can help you remember that, to the karma of things that happen, you can add your best punctuation.

On the other hand, if you really¬†have to play the “ghost” part,
at least introduce yourself with an invisible thread of regretful manner.
Evidence of a necessary absence?

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(“Maschio” Newsletter¬† |¬† 2 / 09 / 2019)