What If. Ring


We entrust it to the courier within 24 hours.

9k yellow gold tiny ring with rectangular curved plate (about 3 mm high), with the text “WHA♡TIF” stamped on and then blackened.

This jewel is part of the “What if” capsule, designed and hand-made for the Juliet Club of Verona, which hosts us from “here” to July 2024.
The history of the letters to Juliet started in the 1930’s, when the guardian of Juliet’s Tomb, Ettore Solimani, began gathering the first letters that tourists left in search of advice and, moved by the phenomenon, had the idea of replying, thus becoming the first “Juliet’s Secretary”.
The capsule aims to make delicately wearable the feeling that makes the world go round, directly from the place that has represented it at its best.