Una piccola donna d’inchiostro. Single stud

From 42,00€

On request we can make it for you.
Manufacturing time within 2 weeks.

Small stud earrings in 9k yellow gold.
As usual, handmade: every piece is different from the others.
Roundish or squarish (about 8 mm high). Polished or wabi sabi (vintage).


You can customize your earring with a simple drawing/symbol or your initials / letters / numbers (max 2 figures in each earring).
Have a look at our samples and, if you like them, please write the number of the model you want to engrave on each earring.
If you have any preferences about the typeface or the layout, you can make a sketch, take a photo and then send us through the uploading field or use the “Write here” field to express your wishes.



We sell them as single earring (42 €) because we like wearing them asymmetrically.



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