Puces. Pendant (silver)

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We entrust it to the courier within 24 hours.


925 silver small pendant with two overlying plates. One plate is polished while the other is vintage textured.
Three different shapes:
_ round (diameter 14 mm)
_ oval (11 x 14 mm)
_ square (14 x 14 mm)


To be customized with your own words or a simple drawing..
Insert your text in the “Write here” field and, if you want, specify the type of font (UPPERCASE, lowercase, italics).
Max. 11 characters in the upper plate and 25 in the lower one.


Do you want to create a preview of your pendant on paper?  Print the template below:


Write it, draw it .. then take a photo/scan and send it to us using the “Insert here your image” field..



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