Primo Passo (Gold). Bracelet

It is stinging restlessly your heart, and you are often taken by it. Like folders not closed, even appear in your dream. Ah, this changement that never seems to start! And yet you want it from inside-out. It’s for you, for what you whish you’ll be when the change will have been starting.


You may want to stop doing something that makes you sick.You may need to get a better life-style or the “two” lives as well. Who knows, you maybe even just be kinder first, smiling a bit more or stop crying nor regretting past actions. We all have small bothering stingers we would like to cast it off, and we all know how needed our still commitment is. We should change. We would like it. However, we keep on not to find the clicking spot to start. How to find the right moment – does that different time existing for real?
Others people succeed. But it seems like a a wild goose chase, to you. You remove it, try to catch excuses or worse, you punish yourself –  reminescence of youthness – acting on yourself as your tired father could have done.


Remember the “Tao”? “Even a long journey begins with a first step”. Feet that know what they are leaving. They feel the path. It’s the one: it is your. No matter where it leads, you breath it, you believe in it, you already find out yourself just in thinking over it.


“First step” (Primo Passo) is the name we gave to our little bracelet. It’s a thread between the will and his mother, the bravery (which is – as word – male gender but fortunately, woman like nature). What’s special in? It’s a nice nip, that keeps you present to yourself.

You may pick it up here, in our shop.
A second bracelet is ready for you as a prize. It’s for when the journey has kicked off and that tender thread have reminded you that there was ton of courage for sure, GREAT!


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