La belle chance. Bracelet (brill)


We entrust it to the courier within 48 hours.

Dainty lucky-wish bracelet, entirely handmade in 9k yellow gold and brilliant cut diamond (about 0,03 ct| color: | clarity: VS1). Polished finished.
Adjustable length of the bracelet: 14,5 / 18 cm.
Choose the color of the spring clasp: polished gold or coated with icing (cherry | marshmallow pink | coral | banana yellow | pistachio green | light-blue).

“Merde” is a lucky wish coming from the world of theatre.
The use of this expression dates back to the 17th century. At that time the audience was usually going to the theatre in a carriage.
The presence of a lot of public and therefore of many carriages also involved the presence of many excrements left by horses: the more the horse excrements were plentiful in front of the theatre after the show, the greater was the success.