Il principe e la rosa. Necklace

From 150,00€

Long no-clasp necklace with two plates, one square and the other rectangular, to be customized with your own text and drawings/symbols.


Use the text box “Write here” to enter the text to be engraved (max. 200 figures on the square plate and 160 figures on the rectangular one) and the field “Insert here your image” to load drawings/symbols.
Use the box “Write here” also to specify how to divide text or where to engrave text and drawings.


You can choose the material you prefer, between 925 silver and 9 carats yellow gold. Wabi sabi finished.


[Manufacturing time within 15 WORKING DAYS.]



Write here

Insert here your image


SIZE GUIDE: Measure the circumference of your wrist,
maybe helping with a lanyard, then choose your size:
S for a wrist up to 15 cm
M for a wrist up to 16 cm
L for a wrist up to 17 cm
XL for a wrist up to 18,5 cm

GUIDA ALLE TAGLIE: Misura la circonferenza del tuo polso, 
magari aiutandoti con un cordino; scegli poi la tua taglia:
S per un polso fino a 15 cm
M per un polso fino a 16 cm
L per un polso fino a 17 cm
XL per un polso fino a 18,5 cm