Four Rooms (309). Earrings


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Uneven pair of stud earrings made of 9k yellow gold and two-colored natural stones.
Each earring is the complementary of its twin.
Polished finished.
Width of the flower: 9 mm.


Choose among three matches:
_ BROWN AND GREEN (smoky quartz and peridot)
_ LIGHT-BLUE AND BROWN (aquamarine and smoky quartz)
_ LIGHT-BLUE AND GREEN (aquamarine and peridot)


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SIZE GUIDE: Measure the circumference of your wrist,
maybe helping with a lanyard, then choose your size:
S for a wrist up to 15 cm
M for a wrist up to 16 cm
L for a wrist up to 17 cm
XL for a wrist up to 18,5 cm

GUIDA ALLE TAGLIE: Misura la circonferenza del tuo polso, 
magari aiutandoti con un cordino; scegli poi la tua taglia:
S per un polso fino a 15 cm
M per un polso fino a 16 cm
L per un polso fino a 17 cm
XL per un polso fino a 18,5 cm