Oye Como Va. Bracelet (yellow gold)


We entrust it to the courier within 24 hours.

Elastic bracelet handmade with grois grain string (black / hunter green / red) and round plate in 9k yellow gold (diam. 6 mm).
Ideal to be customized with the letters of your heart, a number or a very simple symbol.
Insert your customization in the ‚ÄúWrite here‚ÄĚ field and, if you want, specify the type of font (UPPERCASE, lowercase, italics). Max. 4 characters, white-spaces included.
Together with the bracelet, you will receive 50 cm of extra string to make it new again or to wear as a choker necklace.

Size guide. Wrap a piece of string around your wrist (not too tightly) where you would normally wear a bracelet and either mark or hold the string when it meets the starting point. The place the string flat on a ruler and measure the length.
S   for a wrist up to 15 cm
M  for a wrist up to 16 cm
for a wrist up to 17 cm
XL for a wrist up to 18,5 cm
XXL for a wrist up to 20 cm

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