Primo Passo (Gold) _ How To

If you don’t have the possibility to come here to our Milan shop but you want to shop “Primo Passo”, this is our idea..

We will send you the two bracelets in one shipment.
One to be used as a memory of good purpose, the other (hidden and blister packaged) to be used after the “first step”.
If it is a present to give to a loved one you think he can need, we could send both bracelets to your address and then it would be your turn to give the first one (the one packed in the box with all the explanations) and following the second one (the hidden one).
If it is a self-gift .. well, it will still be up to you to choose consciously how to handle the good purpose.

We have experience of people who are very happy to have trained their willpower and have – alone – achieved their intended goal. A fresh breath of self-esteem.

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