Why we are webrooming

webrooming via cerva _maschio gioielli milano

Webrooming is the place (parlor, in our case) where the sense of touch supports others. People do research on certain products by browsing the Internet and then come to webrooming.
In case the product satisfies them, they complete the purchase and collect it soon. Our first webrooming, based in via Cerva 18, has two windows on the street but they are not used for display goods since the real window is just a click away (online) wherever the customer is.

It is a fractality of the online shop of which it exploits the immense possibilities of spreading it and to which it gives – in return – the support of tactile behavior and the comfort of a traditional kind of advice on purchasing, technical assistance for repairs, returns, quotes and demiurgic bespoke.
Webrooming is also called: “multi-channel solution”, a place where digital and tactile experiences are integrated one each other.

Inside our webrooming, all the products on the online shop are freely at the customer’s fingertips in all sizes and flavours.
No appointment needed (but you could be advantaged in case of outside queues).
The timetables are promptly updated and ever available on our website or Google.
In the creative intuition, for private events, corporate gifts and surprise jewel parties, our webrooming is at your disposal – upon reservation, even on “out-of-hours-privé” mode.

Contacts: click@maschiogioielli.it | info@maschiogioielli.it | Instagram | 0276004188. Milano 20122, via Cerva 18.