One of the happier innovation of our new website is precisely the use of the “coupons”.

In our case, they are simple alphanumeric codes sent by e-mail or text messages, with your permission, and always for a limited period of time.

It will be possible to associate them with the products, but our intention is to use them in order to strengthen your trust in this online shop, in our service, in the care and passion we put into our work: just like in our webrooming located in via Cerva.
For this reason our coupons will be mostly associated with occasional events.
We will send them to you in an unpredictable way, randomly.
As live and compulsive choices should always be.
There will be no need for a reason and much less the celebration of an anniversary or a new event.

Is it a beautiful rainy day? (for example) All the people  whose name / last name contains the letters of the word “rain” will receive a coupon; and so on .. Why not?

An unexpected  invitation to celebrate together the unpredictable everyday life.

A naive way to add us to the delight of everyone; the delight that breaks out of wonder
everytime you realize of being a welcome guest at the feast  of life..

Who knows!