Maschio Gioielli



Simple people doing our utmost. Maschio is the last name of the founder: Dario.


We design and manufacture Italian jewels. We sell them in our workshops (Via Cerva 1 + 18, Milan) and on the web. Small series nearly almost customized.

The productions are limited to our capability.


Handcrafted. By craftsmen. In every possible material.
Mainly in gold in 9kt, silver, iron, bronze, cotton, natural and artificial stones .


By chance, for particular inclination, culture and joy: gift of labor.

I think that our work can be considered useless in a wonderful way.

This thought helps me love the torment and the bliss contained, at the same time, in every action that is not strictly vital. But what is truly strictly vital still escapes me

– You have to tell about yourself and you can do it only through the things you love, though you do not know why –

Simplicity, for example. Yet it is not as easy as it may seem. We must learn not to think about it.

Or, the art of asymmetry, so intensely present in Nature to go unnoticed: tender muse and always sympathetic sister of our “flaws.”

And then, the imperfection: the defect that triggers the passions. From reluctance to worship.
I love the concept of a free, honest planning, if not a tool of opportunistic approvals.

I love the sharp presence, that helps me remember that our profit generates the gift of work, and not the opposite.

I am fascinate by impermanence:  I can not consider the aging of things and the connotative signs, if not as an added value and I am amazed every time how delicate and precious it is.

We do not have a company logo yet but if we get one, it will resemble the ocean waves that are never perfect, never the same: The continuous contradiction that generates the most obvious example of coherence, both strong connotative elements of our doing.

The geography of our work is a choice we renew everyday for devotion.

In times of diaspora, to build a micro-cluster of coworkers and suppliers requires a lot of patience and not a little talent. We try to keep our and their work here, in Milan, and thus make the excitement more vibrant for our customers buying things in the same place where those are designed and made.

Against every economic logic, in the name of wonder that every “impossible”challenge contains..

We will gradually make ourselves known better, writing our thoughts and especially realizing them at our best in the form of small, hopefully lovable jewels..

to be continued..

dario maschio