Buyer regulation



It is an online marketplace of vintage items – used or new – of any legal origin (no bomb, please!). You might be the seller as well as buyer.

We do not get you bored, come on – rocking out with advertisement, pop-up, etc.. We won’t never ask for fee or, sales commissions: neither for to sell nor to buy. No signing up is needed to browse the site. Just in case you sell things you are expected to open an account of you.

This is a new place for honest, conscious and free people all around the world.


For “feel of holiness” and maybe get rich and famous right away!

Then, out of gratitude. A way to thank our customers ‘n’ friends in an empathetic and concrete way. By our soul believed, to serve the common goodness.


For everyone.

Selling and buying here is also evidence of a sensitive attitude to the distribution of hope. What is of changing to begin and to start changing.

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In general, “I was looking for another thing” is the sentiment that animates those who enjoy everyhow street stalls.

There are no iconic departments or product categories. It will be hard to find something you are searching for.. it will be easier finding an unexpected doozy.
If you are curious to know if what you are looking for is on-line for sale, use the search icon; fill the search field with your simple words: the same ones you would use to sell.

Once you’ve found your item, make private arrangements with the seller without the super vision or arbitration of any third part.

Remember: it is a place for honest, responsible and free people. Maschio Gioielli has no interaction with you and your negotiations; therefore they can not assist you or intercede in favor of any part.


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Through your smartphone it will be very easy: just shoot pics (more different shots mean more chances) then up-load them. You will have a preview tool, with the possibility of editing, deleting or publishing (you can use your computer as well).

While filling up your advert, your creativity is the only instrument of relational intelligence. Describe your item as you would look for it to find.

Only your “nick-name” will appear on the site. By default the identities of the sellers / buyers are revealed only when they have chosen it.
There are no third parties watching at your business. Again: it is a place for honest, responsible and free people. Maschio Gioielli has no interaction with you and your negotiations; therefore they can not assist you or intercede in favor of any part.

Explain politely and firmly if you are able to arrange shipment and how you wish to be paid.

We suggest you take advantage of PayPal‘s seller protection: might be better to ship with tracking method. The proofing of delivery is required to be entitled to possibly dispute. It can be a paper or digital document issued by the shipping company that indicates the shipping data, the address of the recipient and the delivery date. In the absence of proof of shipment, you will not be protected as a seller by Paypal in the event of a claim by the buyer.


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Happy free market to all of you!
maschio gioielli